Midnight plus stories @theplatinumring

It was early 2 in the morning, I wake up suddenly and started calling her. I called her number 3-4 times, laying on my bed. Then I realized a FINGER GLOVED in my bedsheet was itching on my neck. Sometimes the finger grows in number and pressed my neck.
By now, in half an hour, I’ve called her for atleast 7 times. But she was not receiving my call. [In nights I usually called her for no reason, just i may have seen a dream and i wanted to discuss it with her]. Then again that touch was distracting me, it was trying to shift my attention & anger both towards itself.
Now that finger touch was really pissing me. I don’t even cared to turn around and have a look for who was doing all these nonsense. I then assumed that, that touch was of a ghost (she). I warned her, ” stay out “, else if i come to you, I promise, you’ll have regrets on your choice. I told her, ” look at my companion, or if you can, ask her how much I trouble her”.
” Ask her how many times, in a day, I call her and how long I talked. Have a look at the tour plans and Ideas which I’ve suggested and also have a look at the list which she has refused”.
I don’t let her sleep in nights and sometimes we talk for all night. We understand each other. She is the only one who can keep patience on me. You are merely a ghost. So keep in mind, if I get screwed, I’ll screw you. So stay out of me.
Hearing this she (ghost) never again attempted to touch me.

Then again, after one hour I started calling her, now she is awake and is talking with me. I know that I’m bad but still she loves me !